TOPCORE service s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and accessories for the paper industry, mainly for the production of paper tubes.

About the Company

We have been operating on the market as experts in adhesives since 2013. However, the origins of the company go back to 2008. In that year, we won our first contract to manufacture a reeling mandrel for paper tube production with a special coating. We then started to offer this product elsewhere within the European Union. Over time, we won contracts to supply pneumatic brakes and wiping pans, including wiping blades, to ensure the optimum application of the adhesive layer. Due to the increasing demand for adhesives, a decision was taken about the future direction of the company. This resulted in the establishment of TOPCORE service s.r.o. We purchased a small mixer, but this soon proved to be insufficient. Today, we have three mixing lines and we have about 200 recipes for adhesives. Many of those recipes were developed in cooperation with the University of Brno.

Reliability, Quality and Affordability

The philosophy behind the TOPCORE brand is loyalty to its customers, listening to their needs, innovation and expansion of the range of products and services.

TOPCORE adhesives are extremely effective because they combine the results of high-quality research and development with the best know-how of chemicals.

We place great emphasis on the simple, intelligent and efficient design of machines / production lines. This makes TOPCORE machines extremely reliable, easy to maintain and service, as well as gives them a long service life.

Our team

We strive to continuously develop the knowledge and skills of our employees.

We are a reliable partner to our customers, business partners and associates.

co-owner, sales
Petr Červinka
co-owner, production manager
Petr Vařejka
co-owner, technical manager
Zdeněk Vařejka