TOPCORE adhesives are extremely effective because they combine the results of high-quality research and development with the best know-how of chemicals.


Dextrin Adhesives

We make no distinction between big or small companies. Our adhesives can be supplied in a tank or IBC container, but also in smaller packages.

At present, quick adhesives already start to bond within 5 seconds, which is equivalent to the technological parameters of PVA adhesives. However, dextrin adhesives contain less water and more dry matter, which makes them more affordable than their PVA alternatives.

In view of this fact, our adhesives can be used at the first (base) and last (cover) paper application stations.

If you choose to use our adhesives for so-called internal papers, we can guarantee the best value for money – tube strength is between 1000 N and 5000 N depending on the tube type.

You can either choose from our broad portfolio, or we can produce a bespoke adhesive.