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TOPCORE service s.r.o.


Ready-made TOPCORE glue for immediate use! A unique mixture of dextrin, additives, filler (CaCO3) and water prepared for each of our customers tailored to their requirements and needs.


If you are thinking about how to improve the properties of your paper products, TOPCORE liquid glue is the right choice for you! It is suitable for clients within driving distance of our production hall - we import glue in tanks or IBC containers. The glue contains a lower percentage of dextrin, which is partly replaced by our BLENDECO additives, thanks to which the glue acquires better properties as well as the resulting paper product.


The adhesive is ready for immediate use immediately upon delivery. Just add it to the adhesive section and production can begin. Thanks to the added additives, the adhesive has a much higher performance compared to standard adhesives. In addition, there is a significant saving of dextrin, making this product more and more environmentally friendly.


  • Ready for immediate use
  • Quality guarantee of the supplied glue
  • Helps to keep a dust-free environment
  • Higher adhesive performance thanks to our additives
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • Possibility of variants LOW BORAX and BORAX FREE


  • Due to the transport in the tank, we have to charge a higher shipping cost.
  • TOPCORE is responsible for the quality of the supplied adhesive without any modifications.
  • The customer does not need their own mixing station or laboratory.
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