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Loose additives

A unique additive formula for liquid dextrin glue, thanks to which you will get better performance for less money!

White blendeco bags

Bulk dextrin, CaCO3 and water are required to produce the liquid dextrin adhesive. All these ingredients are mixed in a mixer - a device that perfectly combines all parts of the glue and prepares the final product for application on individual layers of paper. We can manufacture and deliver the entire mixing station to the customer according to his needs (more in the section "machinery"). The basic philosophy of additives is to reduce the amount of dextrin needed by our customer, which is the most expensive component of the entire liquid adhesive. Thanks to many years of research, additives can replace 2-10% of the total amount of dextrin at much smaller amounts. The final price of a liquid adhesive with BLENDECO additives is thus lower in obtaining better adhesive properties thanks to the unique properties of the additives!


Let's say that our customer currently mixes the finished adhesive with a ratio of 40% water, 35% CaCO3 and 25% dextrin. Thanks to BLENDECO additives, the new ratio of its finished liquid adhesive can look like this: 40% water, 40% CaCO3, 18% dextrin and 2% additives. As dextrin is the most expensive component of the glue, its percentage reduction leads to a reduction in the final cost of the finished glue! In addition, such an adhesive acquires better properties thanks to additives and the customer can thus produce better quality products for the paper industry.


  • Higher adhesive performance thanks to added additives
  • Possibility of transport worldwide
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • Adding local raw materials to the final glue
  • Acceleration of the gluing process up to 50%
  • Delivery of any quantity on request


  • The customer needs their own mixing station.
  • The customer needs their own laboratory for output control.
  • The additives can be supplied in any required amount.
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