We put forward bespoke solutions in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Machinery and Equipment

The Machine Division supplies new production lines for manufacturers of paper tubes and protective edge profiles, as well as performs overhauls of existing production lines. Production lines consist of the following sections:


We manufacture and supply feeders in accordance with a customer’s requirements in terms of numbers of papers (reels) and their widths. Feeders can be supplied as either an automatic carousel (an old reel turns itself into a position to clear space for a new reel) or manual carousel (turning is carried out by an operator).


We manufacture and supply TOPCORE splicers. This device is compatible with an automatic carousel; the original (old) paper passes through the splicer and a new paper with adhesive tape is there, ready and waiting. At the point when the old reel is almost completely unreeled, the old paper and the new paper are bonded together without interrupting the line speed. This is an advantage for production lines with higher speeds and high numbers of papers.


We manufacture and supply fixed and floating lattice verticalizers. Customers can set the correct direction of the paper axis in order to reel a paper tube without feeder movement.

Gluing Section

We manufacture and supply entire gluing sections, including a sturdy frame fitted with pneumatic brakes of our own design (which incorporates special anti-wear elements) for optimal tension of paper strips through wiping pans, incl. wiping blades (also both of our own design). We place great emphasis on the high durability of the materials used and their subsequent finishes. The gluing section may also include lubrication of the first paper (if a customer wants to place the first paper here) and/or heating of the adhesive through a heated bath or exchanger (including adhesive agitator). An integral part of the gluing section is rotation around a fixed point and the lateral offset thereof to enable adjustment of the direction of the paper axis and to ensure the proper reeling of paper tubes.

Reeling Section

We manufacture and supply reeling machines in accordance with a customer´s requirements (diameter range, number of paper strips, and therefore the number of heads). We also supply reeling mandrels with a special, conically ground surface for easier and faster production. In addition, we supply reeling belts, which are an important part of fixed tubes.

First and Last Paper Application Station

We manufacture and supply the station with carousel feeder and paper compensator, including baths for the adhesive and oil or other lubrication, including pneumatic brakes.

Tube Divider/Cutter

We manufacture and supply dividing machines in accordance with a customer’s requirements in terms of tube diameters and lengths. The most common solution is a dividing machine with a pair of knives or more pairs of knives (multi-knife).

Tipping Table

We manufacture and supply a device for removing tubes from the dividing machine; this may include a conveyor belt and a tilting table – according to the requirements for the range of finished products.

Electrical wiring considered to be an integral part of the entire production line.

We manufacture and supply the electrical components for each section, and install safety devices in accordance with the latest legislation.